Q & A

Are your items individually priced?

Each piece is individually priced on our website. Our rates are based on a maximum of 72 hr rental,  allowing you a day of pickup/or delivery,  your event day,  and a day of pickup/ drop off.  Longer days available upon request. Late returns are subject to additional charges.

What is your minimum order?

A $200 minimum is required on delivery items within a 35 mile radius. A $500 minimum is required on delivery items greater than a 35 mile radius.

No minimum required for pickup orders.

Do you require a down payment to reserve items?

A 50% non-refundable deposit and an signed contract is required upon reserving your items. Final payment is due 3 weeks prior to your event at which time we will require you to place a credit card on file in case of lost or damaged items.

How far in advance should I reserve my items?

Early reservations are encouraged to ensure availability of your favorite pieces.

Do you deliver?

We offer delivery to and from your event with a minimum order of $200.00 within a 35 mile radius; $500 minimum for venues greater than a 35 mile radius.

Delivery charges are determined by mileage to venue plus a flat fee of $100. For late night retrievals, add an additional fee of $200. These charges do not include set up and/or tear down of your event. At time of pickup, rental items must be broken down and placed in containers in which they where originally packed in.

Can I pick up my order/items?

Yes. You must schedule an appointment for pickup and we advise that you bring a proper vehicle and muscle for item/s.

Will you set up/design our event? 

Yes. We will set up/tear down and style your event for an additional charge.

Do items need to be returned clean?

You will receive all items clean and ready for use. We ask that all food service items must be wiped off and free of food, packaged neatly in our original containers. All other items should be returned in the same manor they where received to avoid professional cleaning fees (this pertains to upholstered items).

*Our china is delicate and should NOT be placed in a dishwasher or microwave.

What if I want to make changes to my order?

If items desired are still available for rental on your date, changes are allowed as long as the total of your order does not decrease by more then 20%.

What if we loose or break something?

The client is responsible for all items at time of pickup or delivery. We will charge for broken, damaged, or lost items; including delivery containers.  For unrepairable/ lost items, we will assess on case by case basis and credit card on file will be charged. Honestly…..don’t fret. This does not happen often.

*Note- Vintage mason jars can not handle heat from candles, therefor, they will only be rented for decor/floral usage. Heat from candles will damage/ crack this item and you will be charged.


Do you have a question that has not been answered? Just shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you.